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The History Press is pleased to introduce the new title:


The Cooper-Hewitt

Dynasty of New York

Polly Guerin


Peter Cooper believed that he owed a debt to the city that had made him a rich man. During the nineteenth century, he made his fortune in industry and his name in politics, and he always felt a strong compulsion to give back to New York. His greatest achievement was the establishment of The Cooper Union, which allowed students from all walks of life to study science and art and is still providing those opportunities today. Cooper instilled this sense of obligation in his children and his business partner and son-in-law, Abram Hewitt. Abram�s daughters�remarkable women ahead of their time�fulfilled their grandfather�s dream of opening a museum, which became the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, today part of the Smithsonian Institution. Discover this amazing story of wealth and generosity, politics and integrity and family and community that could have only unfolded in New York.  BOOK AVAILABLE at local book stores including Barnes & Noble and at www.historypress.net.

THE PASSIONATE RAINBOW, "Sexuality and Personality Revealed" is a new poetry book by Polly Guerin, who has lectured and written feature articles in major magazines about the psychology of color, its healing powers, mood swings and attitudes. The book contains 30 different  colors in poetic verse with exquisite color designed backgrounds.  Each poem is superimposed on a different color design. Entertaining and informative, each verse features several stanzas that engages the reader with its uplifting messages of sexuality and personality revealed.
       THE PASSIONATE RAINBOW is a wonderful gift book, as well as, a timeless keepsake for pleasant reading anytime.

       To purchase a book contact Polly at

One liner samples include:

       RED: Excitement and passion
"Stop pay attention Red Declares, It's drama, energy causes stares."
       PINK: A Loveable Hue
"Warm up friendship and true love, Pink comes in like a peaceful dove."
       BLUE: America's Favorite Color
"Blue connects to a noble mind, Virtue, contentment and kind."
       ORANGE: Joy and Wisdom
"Orange may lack the passion of red, A luminous interest in life instead."
       TANGERINE: OH So Feminine
"A splash of tangerine uplifts, coaxes affection and a kiss."
       BLACK: Mystery/Sophistication
"Black suggests neither saint or sinner, In the end it's a first-class winner."
       PURPLE: Artistry and Wisdom
"Royalty and power is its domain, Sexy, sophistication takes reign."
       INDIGO: Intuitive Thinking
"Search for enlightenment at its core, The all-seeing eye knowledge explore."
       If you would like to receive a "free" poem about your favorite color contact Polly and let her know the color of your desire and she will send it to you by email or snail mail.

CREATIVE FASHION PRESENTATIONS, 2ND Edition by Polly Guerin, (Fairchild Books, pub. date 8/13/04). Hot off the presses this brand new book provides an insider's look into how creative presentations impact the sale of fashion and products. This book is a "must" for any student or professional interested in learning how creative presentations
utilize visual boards to communicate the soft "sell" message or introduce new merchandise.
Guerin's chapter on fashion show production is in effect a mini course. New to this edition is coverage of the home furnishings and toy industries, e-commerce, and profiles on industry executives.
Available through Barnes & Noble. www.fairchildbooks.com.
ISBN# 1-56367-250-2, Price $

For anyone interested in a career as a stylist for stage, screen, television, celebrities, fashion, magazines or photographers, the book, The Stylist, by author, Polly Guerin is a 'must have' reference.
     In addition to providing an in-depth, chapter-by-chapter overview of the responsibilities and general qualifications for the career as STYLIST, the book zeroes in on specific successful stylists. Among them: Barbara Turk, fashion stylist; Tricia Sawyer, a make-up artist; Wayne Scot Lucas who travels with top stars and Rick Ellis, an expert food stylist. The area of agent-stylist and manager-stylist relationships is also covered.
     To order the book, contact the Barnes & Noble bookstore at the Fashion Institute of Technology, email BKSFIT@BNcollege.com.